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Minato City Sample Sightseeing Guide

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Kumano Jinja (Shrine) (Ebisu)

This shrine is dedicated to Ebisu, believed by the common people to be the bringer of prosperity in business. Kumano Jinja is located along a section of Sakurada-dori called Kawarage-zaka. The slope received its name from the pottery artisans who lived there. After passing through the torii, which seems to be looking up at Tokyo Tower, and ascending the stairs, you see running water to rinse you hands. Continue ascending the stairs and the main shrine structure stands before you. This shrine is said to have been established in ancient times, but the actual history is unknown as the records were destroyed in a fire in Genroku 16 (1703).



Sengaku-ji Temple
Address: 2-2-14 Azabu-dai; Minato-ku
Inquiries: Kumano Jinja; Phone: (03) 3589-6008

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