Recommended online casino rankings


On this site, the administrator who has researched various has comprehensively investigated the following points and ranked the most recommended online casinos.

  • Abundance of bonuses
  • Ease of depositing and withdrawing money
  • Thickness of support
  • Types of games you can play
  • VIP treatment available

This ranking clearly summarizes features such as bonuses and deposit/withdrawal methods , so everyone from beginners to high rollers should be able to find a casino that suits .

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
We hope that the rankings on this site are helpful to you.


Online casino recommended ranking
1st place Eldor Casino

Eldor Casino top image

  • No. 1 live casino provider in the industry!
  • You can get a 4,000 yen no deposit bonus by registering on this site (normally 2,000 yen)
  • The original online casino for high rollers with fast withdrawal speeds of as little as 2 minutes and high quality service.
2nd place Wonder Casino

Wonder Casino Top Image
  • Withdrawal speed is as fast as 30 seconds , the fastest in the industry!
  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawal limits for high rollers
  • The support is said to be courteous and the VIP treatment is also excellent.
3rd place Bit Casino

Bitcasino TOPbitcasino

  • Speaking of virtual currency online casinos , it is Bitcasino! Limited tables for VIPs are popular
  • You can bet directly with virtual currency without converting it into cash.
  • The appeal is that you can play right away without having to verify your identity . Reputed for its high anonymity
4th place trust dice

Trust Dice Top Image

  • If you want to make deposits and withdrawals with altcoins, use Trust Dice! Compatible with over 200 types of virtual currencies
  • You can start playing right away without needing to verify your identity when registering.
  • Get a huge first deposit bonus of up to 3 BTC
5th place Mystino

Mystino top image

  • No withdrawal requirements for all bonuses ! Popular because it does not require complicated calculations
  • Get your cash back with surprise cashback
  • Popular among beginners due to easy-to-read game design with Japanese display
 #6 Youth Casino

Youth casino top image

  • The rebate bonus is up to 1.5% for slots and 1.0% for live casino, the highest in the industry!
  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawal limits to satisfy even high rollers
  • Once you reach VIP Gold rank or above, you will not be demoted to a lower level.
 7th place bc game

bcgame casino

  • Compatible with over 80 types of virtual currencies !
  • Huge first deposit bonus of up to 180-240% until the 4th deposit
  • The luxurious VIP program is outstanding. Receive gifts such as luxury trips
 8th place Live Casino House

Live casino house top image

  • Introducing 10 different providers specializing in live games !
  • Get a 200% bonus up to $800 with your first deposit bonus
  • There are both rebate bonuses and cashbacks.
9th place Miracle Casino

Miracle Casino Top Image 

  • Get a high rebate bonus of up to 1.55% !
  • Another attractive feature is that there is no demotion in the VIP rank .
  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawal limits, safe even for high rollers
10th place Ace Casino

ace casino top 

  • You can get high rebates of up to 1.8% for slot rebates and up to 1.15% for live rebates!
  • Supports deposits and withdrawals as high as $100,000 via bank transfer and $500,000 in virtual currency
  • You can also play unusual games such as sports betting, e-sports, and virtual games.

Online casino recommended ranking

Each online casino has different characteristics.

If you are not sure which casino to choose, we will introduce the features and recommended points of each online casino, so please refer to it.

 Eldor Casino

Eldor Casino top image
Eldor Casino is characterized by the number of live casinos that have introduced 13 game providers, the largest number in the industry .
I want to play at a live casino , which is the best part of online casinos If so, I can recommend it without complaint.

Another point is that it has a wide range of deposits and withdrawals, with unlimited deposits and withdrawals , and VIP baccarat that allows you to bet as much as 6 million yen per shot, making it perfect for high rollers.

Deposit and withdrawal speeds are extremely fast, with an average deposit processing time of 1 minute and withdrawal time of 2 minutes, making this an excellent online casino.

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
Since it supports Japanese yen display , it is also recommended for those who find dollar notation difficult to read.

Eldor Casino official website

wonder casino

Wonder Casino has extremely fast deposit and withdrawal speeds of up to 30 seconds. The advantage is that the withdrawal limit is virtually unlimited.

For this reason, it is a casino that is especially popular among high rollers, but it is also recommended for beginners as the support is thorough.

  1. Industry’s largest 1.55% rebate bonus
  2. A support team with a reputation for being very responsive to VIPs will give you special treatment .


casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
Wonder Casino is a luxurious online casino that is especially popular among high rollers who want a land-based casino-like atmosphere.

Wonder Casino Official Website

bit casino

Bitcasino TOPbitcasino

Bit casino is

  1. Convenient to bet and play directly with Bitcoin
  2. It has the advantage of being unaffected by exchange rates because you can always hold your assets in the form of Bitcoin.
  3. There are many campaigns, including a trip to New Zealand and a total prize money of €40,000 for 999 people.

It is an online casino with the following characteristics.

You can play without verifying your identity, so it’s also recommended for those who don’t want to give out their personal information.

Bitcasino official website

trust dice

Trust Dice specializes in virtual currency,

  1. Receive unique tokens TXT just by playing
  2. Compatible with over 200 types of altcoins
  3. You can quickly register without needing to verify your identity, and you don’t need to verify your identity when making deposits or withdrawals.

It is an online casino with the following characteristics.

The average withdrawal time is fast, and withdrawals are processed immediately in most cases.

There is no need to enter a complicated address when registering , so the big appeal is that you can immediately deposit virtual currency and play at an online casino.

Trust Dice official website


Mystino is

  1. There are no withdrawal requirements for all bonuses, so there is no need for complicated calculations.
  2. Get $10 bonus + 60 free spins + 7 days of deposit bonus spins when you sign up
  3. Get cash with surprise cashback

It is a popular online casino for beginners.

I like that Mystino eliminates complicated systems as much as possible, making it enjoyable even for those who are not familiar with online casinos.

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
Mystino has a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, and Japanese language support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so even beginners can play with confidence.

Mystino official website

 youth casino

Youth casino top imageyouth casino,

  1. The live casino is extensive, with over 100 tables for live baccarat alone.
  2. Withdrawal speed is on average 5 minutes, one of the fastest in the industry, and deposits are almost instantaneous.
  3. Rebate bonus up to 1.5% for slots and up to 1.0% for live, the highest in the industry

It is an online casino with the following characteristics.

The coloring of the casino is also beautiful and has a great sense of style. It’s a casino that feels good to play.

Therefore, it is an online casino that is popular among high rollers.

Youth Casino Official Website


bcgame casino

BC game is

  1. You can play sports betting and e-sports
  2. There is a high first deposit bonus of up to 180-240% that can be obtained up to the 4th deposit.
  3. Receive great prizes and deposit bonuses at events and promotions.

It is an online casino with the following characteristics.

It also has a chat function between players, which makes it fun to play while interacting with players from all over the world in real time.

BC games official website

live casino house

An online casino specializing in live casinos that is one of the top in the industry .

As the name suggests, it specializes in live games .

I want to enjoy hot play with a beautiful dealer! I can recommend it to people.

Since we accept Bitcoin deposits , you can also use the money you earn from Bitcoin transactions.

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
When you think of online casinos, you should play at live casinos!
Recommended for those who think that

Register now for free at Live Casino House

Ranking points

  1. An online casino specializing in live casinos.
    You can enjoy 10 types of live casinos , and the number is among the highest among the ranked online casinos!
  2. There is also a generous welcome bonus. In addition to
    the first deposit bonus of up to $900 , you can also get up to 90 free spins .
    The first deposit bonus of $900 is one of the most popular among the ranked online casinos, so it is recommended for those who are aiming for a bonus.
  3. By registering on our site you will receive a $30 no deposit bonus + 20 free spins .
  4. VIP treatment is clearly defined, so it is recommended for people who long for VIP treatment at casinos .
  5. It is easy to use for deposits and withdrawals such as Bitcoin , so virtual currency users can play with confidence.

The main reason for its inclusion in the ranking is that it has a wide range of live casinos .

Many people think of online casinos as a thrilling game with a dealer at a live casino.

Online casinos that are ranked lower in the rankings often don’t have a lot of live casinos, and they often focus on slots and video games.

However, this live casino house has a sense of stability as it is fulfilling enough for live game fans.

Japanese language support is available 24 hours a day , so even beginners can rest assured.

Recommended for those who want to experience a “real sense of reality” that cannot be experienced at other online casinos .

Register now for free at Live Casino House

miracle casino

This is an online casino with no VIP rank demotion, which is rare in the industry.

The industry’s best slot rebate of 1.55% and live rebate of 1.1% are recommended for high rollers.

Recommended for those seeking the industry’s No. 1 rebate return at an online casino.

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo

The biggest attraction is the industry-leading rebate bonus.

I want to get a lot of rebate bonuses in live baccarat, slots, etc.! It is most recommended for those who.

Ranking points

  1. There is no demotion in VIP rank! Recommended for those who find it difficult to maintain their rank.
    (No demotion below VIP6. Above that there are VVIP and VVVIP ranks)
  2. High rebate bonus! Slot rebate of 1.55% and live rebate of 1.1% are among the highest in the industry.
  3. There are no withdrawal limits for all withdrawal methods! Even high rollers can withdraw the entire amount at once, making it stress-free.
  4. With almost all withdrawal methods, withdrawal speed is instant! (Excluding busy times. Bank transfers take up to 1 hour)

Register now for free at Miracle Casino

ace casino

ace casino top
Recommended points
  1. You can play rare games such as E-sports and virtual games.
  2. High rebate bonus of up to 1.8%
  3. Support is available in Japanese so you can rest assured

Ace Casino is an online casino that offers more games than any other online casino.

In addition to live casino, slots, and table games, you can also play sports betting, e-sports, virtual games, and other unusual games all within Ace Casino.

Ace Casino is an online casino that offers large rebate bonuses, and in past events they have offered large returns of up to 2.0% .

The quality of Japanese support was very high, and the live chat support in Japanese was excellent .

The site’s visuals are beautiful, and they regularly hold participatory events, so it’s an online casino that you can have fun playing.

Ace Casino Official Website ▶

→ Click here for a thorough explanation of Ace Casino

vera john casino

Vera John Casino has a strong attitude of giving back to users, such as by implementing many campaigns, and is loved by many players.
Since it is a major casino, it can be said that it is an online casino that can be especially recommended for beginners .
casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
Vera John Casino has plenty of bonuses and campaigns, and is fun to play, so it is especially recommended for beginners.

And now that Rafael has been appointed as an official ambassador, the country’s popularity has further increased.



This is an online casino that is easy for beginners to get started with, so if you are playing at an online casino for the first time, please give it a try.

Register now for free at Vera John Casino

Ranking points

  1. There are many campaigns and it’s exciting, so you can enjoy it every day.
    The number of campaigns is the highest among the ranked casinos.
  2. When you register on our site, you will receive a $30 no deposit bonus .
  3. You can easily deposit money with a credit card , and even beginners can easily deposit money with peace of mind.
    Convenience store deposits are also accepted, so it’s convenient for those who don’t have a credit card.
  4. You can easily withdraw money to your bank account via domestic bank transfer . It’s fast and stress-free.
    There are few online casinos that allow bank transfers, so Vera John Casino is a blessing.
  5. In addition to unlimited withdrawal limits, you can now also use Bitcoin , making it easier for high rollers to play.

If you look at it from the perspective of “casino ranking for complete beginners”, we recommend Vera John Casino, which is extremely well known .

You can deposit by bank transfer, making it perfect for online casino beginners.

Vera John Casino also offers a great first deposit bonus, so we recommend playing for a good deal.

Register now for free at Vera John Casino, as the name suggests, is an online casino that specializes in sports betting.’s attractive feature is that it has the best odds among all online casinos.

Register now for free at

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
This is an online casino that is especially recommended for those who have virtual currency and want to play sports bets.

Ranking points

  1. Registration is easy ; all you need is a username, password, and email address!
  2. The odds are good and are among the top among all online casinos. You canalso increase the odds yourself with a price boost !
  3. Super convenient for virtual currency users as you can bet with virtual currency
  4. Specialized in sports betting , with specifications that are irresistible for sports betting enthusiasts
  5. The VIP program is extensive, with invitations from cruising to 5-star hotels and more! specializes in sports betting, and you can bet on sports from all over the world, including tennis with Kei Nishikori , soccer with Takefusa Kubo, and Major League with Shohei Otani .

Of course, you can bet on not only sports, but also domestic horse racing and E-sports, so it can be said that it is an easy-to-play online casino with a wide range of games.

What is especially noteworthy is that the odds are good .

Although the odds are a little slow to be announced, the appeal is that the odds are among the best among all online casinos.

Additionally, you can increase the odds yourself using a price boost .

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
By combining these, you will be able to compete more favorably than online casinos with lower odds, which is a great deal .

Register now for free at


True Flip is a very popular online casino that has been in operation since 2017 and has over 500,000 users worldwide!
The fact that you can now play at such a casino is a big attraction.

True Flip is one of the most popular newly opened online casinos.

It is especially strong in virtual currencies, so it is easy to use for virtual currency users such as Bitcoin.

Register now for free on TrueFlip

Ranking points

  1. You can deposit and withdraw money without any identification documents !
  2. 10% weekly cashback bonuswith no wagering requirements
  3. You can deposit and withdraw in 13 types of virtual currencies, the most in the industry .
  4. In addition to virtual currencies, we also accept payments with various credit cards, Payz, etc.
  5. It has over 500,000 users worldwide and is extremely reliable.
  6. Rest assured as we have a Curacao license.

TrueFlip is a virtual currency friendly online casino that supports deposits and withdrawals in 13 different virtual currencies, the most in the industry.

It is one of the most recommended online casinos for virtual currency users.

A big advantage is that you can use not only virtual currency but also credit cards and Payz, so anyone can play easily.

Another attractive feature is the 10% cashback bonus with no wagering requirements .

True Flip does not have a no-deposit bonus, but instead they provide a service that is friendly to users who have been playing for a long time .

No deposit bonuses are only available once, but cashback bonuses can be earned over time, which benefits users in the long run .

Furthermore, deposits and withdrawals using virtual currency do not require identity verification , so it is also recommended for those who do not want to give out their personal information.

And when you register, you don’t have to enter your address, etc., so you can register in about 30 seconds.

Register now for free on TrueFlip


InterCasino used to have a stiff image, but they have changed their image and introduced cute girl characters to liven up the casino.

In fact, since it is a long-established online casino, it is also a casino with a strong fan base.

Ranking points

  1. A long-established online casino. It is famous as a casino with high customer satisfaction.
    It is known as a casino that provides solid services on various ranking sites.
  2. We have a track record of winning big prizes, with big wins of 800 million yen and 400 million yen .
  3. Exclusively on this site, you will receive a $10 no deposit bonus .
  4. You will receive a total of $500 in first deposit bonuses .

InterCasino is an online casino that I personally recommend.

The reason is because there are cute female characters ! (lol) Isn’t the illustration so cute?

There are a lot of moe characters and anime characters in slot machines these days. Actually, I like that atmosphere.

I feel like I want to raise the rankings even higher, but that’s just fair…I don’t choose them based on the pictures alone lol.

InterCasino used to be an online casino with a strict atmosphere. It’s like a foreign movie actor wearing a suit.

But recently, I have changed my image and started attacking with a cute approach .

Up until now, I didn’t really like the atmosphere, but this has changed my feelings a lot lol

Could it affect rankings? It has evolved to this level.

It has now become one of my favorite online casinos . We look forward to more campaigns and events!

Register now for free at InterCasino


lucky nicky

This is an online casino where you will be guided by a cute anime-style character, Nikki-chan.

As part of your welcome package, you can receive either a first deposit bonus or free spins, whichever you prefer.

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
By the way, I love Nikki lol

Ranking points

  1. There are daily promos and it’s fun every day.
    I think it is important to be able to enjoy playing online casinos every day.
  2. When you register on our site, you will receive a $30 no deposit bonus .
  3. You can also ask questions over the phone. There are very few online casinos that accept telephone calls, so this is recommended.
    Even small questions such as “What is this?” can be answered immediately.
  4. If you become a VIP, you will have a dedicated Japanese representative .
    It is a dream casino where you can receive VIP treatment like a land-based casino!
  5. All deposit fees are free .
    Among the casinos listed in the rankings, it is surprising that there are no deposit fees.
    Some online casinos charge a fee when depositing with a credit card, so this is recommended if you are planning to deposit with a card.

The reason for our ranking is our generous bonuses and fun daily promos.

Moreover, the wagering requirements for the bonus are extremely sweet at 15x . This is a great point as many other online casinos have 30x or more.

Among the ranked online casinos, it is one of the most friendly.

They also have telephone support, which is a great service for both beginners and high rollers, as you can ask any questions you may have right away.

Register now for free on Lucky Nikki

queen casino

If you want to have fun every day at an online casino, how about this?

At Queen Casino, a sexy actress instantly lifts your mood to the max when you log in to an online casino every day .

There are a lot of campaigns, and the appeal is that not only the appearance but also the contents are exciting.

For example, we run campaigns where you can always become a VIP , or campaigns where you can receive free spins on certain days of the week .

At Queen Casino, you can experience an excitement that you can’t find at other online casinos .

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
If you love cute girls, please check it out.

Register now for free at Queen Casino

Ranking points

  1. When you register on our site, you will receive a $30 no deposit bonus .
  2. Earn up to $1,500 in first deposit bonuses on your third deposit . It is quite expensive among the ranked online casinos.
  3. Moreover, you will receive a 10% reload bonus for all deposits from the 4th time onwards .
    For example, if you deposit $1,000, you will receive $100, which means you can play as much as you want. (up to $100)
  4. Rebate bonus up to 1.28% on slots and up to 0.7% on live casino!
    Both require you to play for at least $5,000 in cash per week.
  5. VIP treatment is also provided.
    For example, if you are a VIPGold member, you will receive an additional 10% on your rebate bonus .
  6. Sexy actresses “Ai Uehara,” “Maria Ozawa,” “Nanami Kawakami,” and “Emily Okazaki” are appointed as campaign girls.
    Their smiles make me happy every day (lol)

A big reason why Queen Casino is included in the ranking is that you can get a first deposit bonus of $1500 .

There are surprisingly few online casinos where you can get a first deposit bonus of $1,000 or more.

So, if you want to get a lot of bonuses and play a lot , Queen Casino is perfect for you.

You can deposit money by bank transfer , so even people who find deposit methods such as Payz troublesome or those who don’t have a credit card can deposit money immediately.

Register now for free at Queen Casino

casino secret

Casino Secret is a relatively new online casino that was released in July 2018.

We have adopted an amazing system where there are no bonus withdrawal conditions , which is common in other online casinos .

So, you can play for a good deal and feel like you are receiving cash .

Register now for free at Casino Secret

Ranking points

  1. There are no withdrawal requirements for bonuses, so the appeal is that it’s just like receiving cash.
  2. It has a cashback system that returns your lost money, so it’s a great deal.
  3. We hold limited tournaments, and if you win, your money will be transferred immediately.

Casino Secret, ranked 13th in the ranking, has features that other casinos do not have.

That is, there are no withdrawal requirements for the bonus .

For example, the first deposit bonus gives you 50% of the deposit amount (up to $470), but this bonus can be earned as cash .

So, it’s the same as getting up to $470 cash back.

If you were to create a ranking with a high degree of freedom in bonuses , Casino Secret would be at the top of the ranking.

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
This online casino is recommended for people who don’t want to think about bonus conditions .

Register now for free at Casino Secret

Bettor Linlin (formerly 10betJapan)

If you want to enjoy sports betting, Kakeru RinRin is recommended.

There are 29 types of sports that you can bet on, and you can also view past match data , which can be useful for making predictions.

Ranking points

  1. In addition to the sportsbook , you can also play live casino, slots, and table card games.
  2. Live chat in Japanese is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and telephone support is also available. I’m glad it’s free because it’s a toll-free number .

Ranked 14th in the ranking, Bettor RinRin is an online casino where you can enjoy not only live casinos and slots, but also sports bets.

You will receive a welcome bonus of $100 , and the first deposit bonus is a 50% bonus up to $1,000 .

If you want a big first deposit bonus, you can get up to $1,000 by making your first deposit of $2,000.

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
The $1,000 first deposit bonus is one of the most popular online casinos in the rankings, so it can be considered a good deal.

Kakeru RinRin is an online casino that always holds about 20 types of promotions and takes care to ensure that users can play at a good deal.

Register now for free at Kakeru RinRin



Ranking points

  1. It’s a fun-filled online casino where you can enjoy RPGs and earn real money.
  2. It’s packed with lots of exciting elements, such as choosing your favorite avatar and boss battles .
  3. Get a $40 no deposit bonus when you register on our site . One of the largest online casinos in the industry.
  4. You can receive a first deposit bonus of up to $500 and 100 free spins on the popular slot “Starburst” .

This is a new type of online casino that incorporates RPG elements.

If you’re focused on enjoying RPG game elements, it wouldn’t be strange for Kajitabi to be ranked number one.

Play with the dealer in a purely online casino! Rather, it is perfect for people who want to play online casinos with a light and pop feel that feels like playing a game .

You can get a no deposit bonus of $40 , which is actually one of the top ranked online casinos.

Another feature that other online casinos do not have is a system called Blitz that spins slots at 6x speed.

If you were to create a ranking of people who can play slots, this is an online casino that would definitely be at the top of the ranking.

Register now for free on Kajitabi

live casino io

Live is an online casino that opened in 2020 and specializes in live casinos and virtual currencies .

The average withdrawal time is extremely fast at 2 minutes , making it one of the fastest among all online casinos.

There is no need for complicated approval procedures when registering , so the big appeal is that you can deposit virtual currency immediately and start playing at the live casino.


casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
This online casino is especially recommended for those who have virtual currency and want to play at a live casino.
  1. Registration is easy ; all you need is a username, password, and email address!
  2. Super convenient for virtual currency users as you can bet with virtual currency
  3. Specialized in live casinos , irresistible for live casino lovers
  4. As a first deposit bonus, you can get real money with no withdrawal requirements just by depositing, betting the required amount and playing !
  5. We have a full VIP program, including luxurious travel packages and VIP gifts tailored to the person !

The point of Live Casino io is that it is highly confidential.

You don’t have to enter any personal information when registering or making deposits and withdrawals , so you can easily register and make deposits and withdrawals.

This online casino is highly recommended for those who do not want to give out their personal information.

Also, Live specializes in live casinos, but what is particularly noteworthy is that they have introduced Bombay Club, which can only be played at BitCasino affiliated casinos .

Regular Evolution Gaming baccarat tables can be played at most online casinos.

However, I want to play at a table different from other players! If so, we recommend Live Casino io, which you can play at Bombay Club.

Of course, you can play speed baccarat, which is popular at Bombay Club, so even live baccarat fans will be satisfied.

Register now for free at Live


Contrary to its pop impression, Konibet is an online casino with high quality services that will satisfy even high rollers .

It is a popular casino that has continued to increase the number of fans since its service started in 2019.

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
A very serious online casino! Rather than having that image, the appeal is the pop and light atmosphere where you can casually play.

Ranking points

  1. Fastest withdrawal speed in the online casino industry in as little as 5 minutes → Ranking of online casinos with the fastest withdrawal speed
  2. Deposits and withdrawals possible with Bitcoin
  3. Rebate bonuses that are great for high rollers (up to 1.5% for slots, up to 1% for live) → Online casinos with many slot rebate bonuses
  4. 5% cashback weekly
  5. Quick response anytime with 24-hour Japanese live chat

Since Konibet started its service in 2019, the popularity of high rollers has been gradually increasing.

The reason for this is that our rebate bonuses are one of the largest in the industry.

You can get up to 1.5% rebate bonus on slots and up to 1% at live casino .

Additionally, there will be no demotion in VIP rank.

Conibet is the only online casino industry that does not have VIP rank demotion .

Therefore, for high rollers who feel stressed about maintaining their VIP rank , Konibet is a highly recommended online casino.

In addition, limited providers that can only be played on Konibet have been introduced, so it is recommended for those who want to play new and unusual games.

Register now for free at Konibet


Bonds Casino is a new online casino that launched in December 2019.

The appeal is that there are many games that cannot be played at other online casinos .

If you have already played at other online casinos and want to play more games, we recommend Bonds Casino.

casino tatsuo
casino tatsuo
This is an online casino that has a special tie-up with this site.
It’s a casino that is gaining momentum right now, so I would like to support it by playing.

Register now for free at Bonds Casino

Ranking points

  1. This is a newly released online casino that attracts attention. Recommended for people who are tired of other online casinos.
  2. You will receive a $40 no deposit bonus when you register on our site .
  3. The appeal is that there are many games. We have the highest amount of slots available among the ranked casinos.
    We have more selections than major online casinos, so even slot fans will be satisfied.
  4. There are 39 live blackjack tables, more than any other casino . There aren’t many casinos that offer blackjack, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
  5. You can also play sports bets. You can also bet on e-sports (sports games and online games), which are all the rage right now .
    It’s very refreshing to place bets while watching gameplay videos, and it’s definitely worth a look.

I think it’s still a casino that you don’t often see on ranking sites.

However, on this site, we have been paying attention to this Bonds Casino from an early stage.

Therefore, it has entered the ranking as an up-and-coming online casino.

You can now make your own offers and give away no deposit bonuses to your subscribers .

The point is that there are a lot of games, and there are rare games that you have never seen before, so you can enjoy them without getting bored.

However, since there may not be any major slots, you may be a little surprised if you are looking for popular slots such as Hawaiian Dream.

On the other hand, it is an online casino that can be recommended for people who are tired of major slots or who like to explore new games .

Register now for free at Bonds Casino

Empire Casino (Empire 777)

23rd place in the ranking is Empire Casino. This casino is sister to Queen Casino.

And if you especially want to enjoy live casino, Empire Casino is recommended.

Empire Casino has a large number of tables and dealers .

Furthermore, it also shows luxurious VIP benefits and conditions for becoming a VIP, and the big appeal is that your dreams will grow while playing at an online casino.

This is an online casino that we recommend for players who enjoy live casino play while dreaming of VIP treatment similar to land-based casinos .

Empire is an online casino where many people play for the reload bonus.

Register now for free at Empire Casino

  1. Live casinos are characterized by a large number of dealers and tables. If you want to increase your winning rate
    by choosing a dealer who is compatible with you, Empire Casino is recommended.
  2. The attractive “ rebate bonus ” is that you get up to 1.28% of your bet back as a bonus . It’s a better deal than playing at an online casino that doesn’t have a reload bonus, and the 1.28% number is hard to underestimate when the bet amount gets bigger.
  3. You will receive a 10% reload bonus when you make a deposit .
  4. VIP treatment is gorgeous! We also have a private jet available, an invitation to a land-based casino, and a hotel suite .
    Of course, this is the responsibility of the casino. It can be said that this is the top-class VIP treatment among the ranked casinos.

Empire Casino, ranked 23rd in the ranking, has live casino + VIP as its keywords.

Reload bonuses and rebate bonuses are perfect for those who want to play hard at live casinos.

If you play a lot and become a VIP, it can be said that it is a dream casino where you can receive VIP treatment similar to that at a land-based casino.

If you want to create a VIP treatment ranking, this is an online casino that is sure to be at the top of the ranking.

Register now for free at Empire Casino


Especially recommended online casinos

Eldor Casino

We recommend Eldoor Casino, which has very fast deposits and withdrawals, a live casino, and a wide selection of slots .

Among live baccarat, which is especially popular among players, there is GamePlay Live Baccarat, which anyone can enjoy playing.

We recommend Eldoor Casino not only to high rollers but also to beginners as it is very convenient and offers easy deposits and withdrawals and fast processing speeds .

Register now for free at Eldor Casino

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