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Minato City Sample Sightseeing Guide

Walking around Minato-ku under the cherry blossoms (sakura)Minato-ku Sakura Theater

There are many “Sakura Theaters” where you can enjoy hanami (flower viewing) with others or in hidden locations. Please slow down and enjoy the warm sunlight of spring and the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Sightseeing Model Route

Take Tokyo Metro Namboku Subway Line and get off at Roppongi 1-Chome Station. Cross the pedestrian bridge in front of Exit 3 and walk toward Tameike. Turn left at the first small street, then right at the next street. The first shrine is on the left side (about three minutes’ walk).

Minato-ku Sakura Theater, Act I -In search of new and old-

Shinagawa Intercity~Higashi Yatsuyama Park~Takahama Canal

Minato-ku Sakura Theater, Act II -Cherry blossoms bloom with history-

Nogi Park~Aoyama Cemetery

Minato-ku Sakura Theater, Act III -Cherry blossoms known only to connoisseurs-

Raijinyama Children’s Park~Korin-ji (temple)~Happoen

Minato-ku Sakura Theater, Act IV -Three Sakura-zaka in Minato-ku-

Ark Hills Sakura-zaka~Roppongi Hills Sakura-zaka~Mori Park~Takanawa Prince Hotel Sakura-zaka

Minato-ku Sakura Theater, Act V -Standard and hidden cherry blossom spots-

Tokyo Tower~Zojo-ji (temple)~Shiba Park~Iikura Park, Mamiana Park


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