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Minato City Sample Sightseeing Guide

Let's take a tour of public art using the Chi-Bus.Ride the Chi-Bus and meet neighbourhood art, Part1

Roppongi Hills


This fashionable tourist spot is always filled with people. There is no lack of places for a date or to shop, and there are objets d’art set in many places around the complex. Are you familiar with the “Public Art Sanctuary” side of Roppongi Hills? There is a huge spider objet, “Maman” by Louise Bourgeois in front of the Mori Tower within the complex; you can also see Martin Puryear’s “Shugo Ishi” (Protective Stone) and five other public objets d’art harmonizing with the surrounding modern buildings giving you the feeling that the whole area is a museum. Further, lining both sides of Keyaki-dori, the 400-meter-long main street alongside Roppongi Hills, are 11 pieces of street furniture created by 11 Japanese and non-Japanese artists and specially designed bus stop. The colorful benches make a lively pattern on the street giving it an artistic aroma. On one of the “Roppongi Hills Tours” of the main points of interest, you can hear the staff of the Mori Bijutsukan (Mori Art Museum) explain the works of art as you take the “Public Art and Street Furniture Course (see below for admission charges). It is a good way to enjoy the complex.


Public Art
Public Art
Street Furniture
Street Furniture



Points of Interest

A new Roppongi Hills guided tour course, “Tokyo Panorama and Art Course” is available to help you enjoy the view and the art. An outline of the exhibits in the Mori Art Museum (53rd floor) and the concept of the works of art, the structure of the exhibit and other points are explained by the tour guide; guides for the Tokyo City View observation floor 250 meters above sea level (52nd floor of the same building) also provide answers to simple questions such as “What is that building?” Please contact the Roppongi Hills Tour Center for further information.

  • Address:6-10-1 Roppongi; Minato-ku
  • Tour:Public Art and Street Furniture Course
  • Reservations:
    From one week before until 5 PM the day before the tour; it is also possible to make reservations in person until 1:25 on the day of the tour by going directly to the Roppongi Hills Tour Counter on the second floor of the Mori Tower.
  • Admission:General, ¥1,500; high-school and college students,¥1,000; junior high-school students and younger, ¥500.
  • Hours:Saturdays, starting at 1:35 PM (tour takes about one hour)
  • Closed:Mondays, year-end and New Year’s holidays, special periods for changing of exhibits.
  • Inquiries:
    Roppongi Hills Tour Center http://www.roppongihills.com/jp/tour

    (Phone (03) 6406-6677 between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM)

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