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Traditional Craftmen in Minato City

Hujio Yuyama

Edo mounting Yuyama Hujio

This beautiful work is created using techniques nurtured by time.

It is said that the original technique of mounting was brought to Japan from China by the members of official missions to China during the Tang dynasty. The artisans were popularly called Kyo-shi, or sutra men, because their work was mostly centered on mounting Buddhist sutras and paintings. As time passed, they also applied their techniques to hanging scrolls, screens, sliding doors, scrolls and art frames.Hence they came to be called Hyogu-shi or mounters.

Process of making art frames

  1. Confirm order
    Ask client to confirm the location, space and intended application for the frame.
  2. Conceptualize
    Conceptualize the design, giving consideration to the subject and expression of the object to be mounted.
  3. Design
    Combine different materials and determine marginal space for mounting and thickness of the frame, taking into consideration the size and coloring of the object.
  4. Apply backing paper to the object (painting or calligraphy) and to the cloth for mounting.
  5. Fabricate
    Cut wood for the specified size of the frame and its backing. (carved or metallic frames and cases are ordered outside)
  6. Coat
    Some pieces of mounting cloth and frames are pressed with gold flakes, coated or finished with lacquer or polished with wax.
  7. Finish
    Assemble the parts prepared by the various departments to frame the mounted object.

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