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Takahashi Korekiyo Memorial Park

The main residence of Takahashi Korekiyo once stood here. Korekiyo, son of Kawamura Shouemon, a painter to the Shogunate, was born at a site in front of the middle gate of Zojo-ji (temple) in 1854. Adopted by Takahashi Koretada, a retainer to a feudal lord of the Sendai domain, he went to Yokohama at the age of 11 to study English at Hepburnfs private school and, at the age of 14, went to the United States to study. There, he was sold as a slave by the owner of his lodgings and, after great effort, returned to Japan in 1868. After holding positions as a government official and Governor of the Bank of Japan, he entered politics. He was appointed Minister of Finance in 1923 and served as Finance Minister for successive cabinets after the 1931 Mukden Incident. He spoke English fluently and was especially tough in difficult situations. People called him ""Daruma"" and he was quite popular. He was assassinated in his residence during the February 26 Incident in 1936. Broad-leaved trees such as maple, ternstroemia gymnanthera and quercus salicina paint the seasons in the Japanese-style park with a pond.

Address 7-3-39 Akasaka
Keywords Parks / Gardens / Green tracts of land,Commemoration / Monument

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